Meeting Minutes



Cynthia Harrison, Vice President CGNA

·         Received notice in the mail of 12.9 Acre redevelopment project at Camp Greene St. and  Freedom Drive. A public meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 21, 2017 at the Harvest Center at 2225 Freedom Drive from 5:30-7:30 pm. 185 mixed income apartment units are being proposed in 4 buildings.

Officer Mohammad, CMPD

·         Responding to Mr. Wiggins concern about commercial truck traffic on Camp Greene St: CMPD will set up an operation to monitor the street for prohibited traffic. He will also contact companies who’s trucks Mr. Wiggins has documented traveling through the neighborhood.

·         Contact him via email for best response with tips and non emergency issues that you’d like him to be aware of or monitor.

·         CMPD is continuing to monitor Highland St. for the drug and prostitution issues that were brought up at the last meeting.

·         There is not much CMPD can do about boarding houses. Anyone operating one without a permit only has to go pay a small fee to register with the City.

Neil Broome

·         Found that the City of Charlotte offers a 6 week course to create a citizen’s planning committee and encourages neighbors to sign up and get involved

Patsy Locke, Treasurer CGNA

·         Current balance is $3100

·         We have not received full reimbursement from the City yet under the grant we were awaded for the centennial event.

J. Michael Moore, Historian

·         Shared his presentation of Who Owns Camp Greene that was made at the Centennial. His project covered the ownership and use of the lands that made up camp greene from before the Camp’s existence to the present day.



Officer Mohammad, CMPD

·         3 reports of vandalism

·         1 burglary on Camp Greene St. – House had alarm but alarm didn’t go off

·         Questions to officer included reports of drug dealing and prostitution problem at a house in 2000 block of Highland St. and a boarding house at 2049 Highland St.

·         Also, Officer Mohammad was asked what can be done about a landscaping trailer that continually blocks Greenland Ave.

Tommy Harris, President CGNA

·         Next cleanup is Sept. 30th 2017

Cynthia Harrison, Vice President CGNA

·         Gave recap of Centennial including background of General Tucker (keynote speaker at event) who was raised in Camp Greene and details of Ed Dement, the planning committee member who passed away before the event

·         Final event #’s are still being counted but it was successful in generating income for CGNA

·         Made a motion to reimburse Neil Broome for flowers sent to Mr. Dement’s funeral, reimburse Joshua for paying to renew CGNA website hosting and also to pay Dirk Allman for his services at the Centennial (filling in for Mr. Dement). Motion was approved.

·         Unsold Camp Greene t-shirts and reusable shopping bags will be given to neighbors at CGNA meetings

Richard McIlwaine, CGNA Neighbor

·         Reminded the group that Halloween is coming and suggested again looking into doing an event as a fundraiser

·         When he organized his haunted trail, he was made $1600 – CGNA could do at least that well if we are able to organize something.

Kay Barker, CGNA Neighbor

·         Dr. Heather Perry is planning a “History Harvest“ to collect local history stories and document artifacts. If the group is interested in doing a harvest for our area, there is a grant available to help.

·         Michael Moore will be at the August CGNA meeting to repeat the presentation he made at the centennial about the history of the land that made up Camp Greene

Neil Broome

·         Thanked group for embracing the centennial idea & his input

·         Shared souvenir booklets from centennial with Mr. Dements family

Patsy Locke, Treasurer CGNA

·         Food and t-shirt sales at the centennial were $939

·         City grant amount received  = @2,111.09

·         Deposit from sales = $3,159 ($60 still due to be collected)

·         CGNA existing balance prior event = $169.39

·         Current CGNA balance = $3,159.48

Jay Snover, Commercial Realtor

·         Our area is a hot market

·         Don’t sell your property right now. Our homes are about to become a lot more valuable. If you must sell, don’t be lowballed by buyer.

·         90% of growth in commercial development is happening in 10 markets. Charlotte market is 4th on the list.

·         Schools are the key to attracting families (long term residents) and good development

·         New townhouse  development near Bryant Park

·         Will come back and talk in more detail about development (in general) and how to best deal with it

April 18, 2017 meeting:

  • Cynthia Harrison called the meeting to order and had everyone introduce themselves. Several new neighbors were in attendance,  including Angela, who just purchased 1504 Camp Greene St. (the house behind Aldi) and plans to open a salon. 

  • Lawana Mayfield's assistant, Caleb, attended and took notes to update Lawana

  • Cynthia Harrison, Vice President,  gave an update on the Centennial

    • Event dates are July 15th & 16th (2017)

    • Volunteers are sought for the event - much help will be needed

    • There are several sponsors already on board

    • Camp Greene Neighborhood Assoc. selling t-shirts during the festival as a fund raiser was discussed


  • Officer Prather gave safety update

    • CMPD participated in the Spectrum/Rebuilding together event. Questions were asked the piles of trash at one of the project locations & Carolyn offered to follow up with event organizers about removal. 

    • There was one break in reported on Morton. An arrest was made

    • A bicycle was stolen from a garage in the Bryant Park Development. Carolyn warned against leaving garage or shed doors open. 

    • There was an assault reported on Greenland Ave (near Wal Mart) stemming from a domestic dispute.

    • Neighbors asked about the helicopter and heavy police presence the night before on Highland Ave. Officer Prather did not have details to share about it but mentioned there had been another similar chase in the area that day following an armed robbery. 

    • When asked about the Shooting that was reported by all of the local news outlets at the Airport Inn on Wilkinson, Officer Prather hadn't heard about it. She left the mtg to check her computer and returned to tell us there was no police report of a shooting at that location. She told us she would check on the status of the liquor license application for the proposed sports bar at the hotel. She doesn't expect it to be granted. 

    • She contacted CDOT following our last meeting about the obscured stop sign on Berryhill. CDOT has already relocated it to improve visibility. 


  • Patsy Locke, group Treasure, gave an update on the status of the bank account change

    • In order to open a new account, we need to show (among other things) a copy of our bylaws. 

    • The draft bylaws that were included with the last meeting reminder were read through in the meeting and amended. 

    • Anyone with concerns or proposed revisions should share them with Patsy via email to

    • After discussion, the group voted to approve the bylaws as amended at the meeting in order to keep the process of opening a new account moving. The bylaws can be further ammeded as needed at later meetings. 


  • Eddie Johnson, Secretary

    • followed up on discussion of the house at 2400 Morton St. that several neighbors brought up preciously and researched the ownership.

    • It is owned by Altisource Res. Corp which is based in the Virgin Islands. A stateside representative was listed, Scott Whaley of 2390 E. Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ. 

    • Suggested that given some of the concerns given about the house (black mold, overgrown yard, etc) perhaps the Board of the Neighborhood group could fill out a Property Inspection Petition (resulting in a mandatory building inspection). Names on the petition are public record, so the board filing it would prevent retaliation towards neighbors. 

    • No action was taken on whether to file the petition

March 21, 2017 meeting:

Rebuilding Together Update: 

·         Projects for April 8th have been identified

·         3 Homes on Millerton Ave. will repaired

·         Spectrum is sponsoring 250 Healthy Home Kits to be given away April 8th @ Shiloh Baptist Church

·         Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte is looking for 7 more projects to do for Fall 2017

Carloyn Prather, CMPD:

  • Officers have monitored speed on Camp Greene St a couple of times since the last meeting, between 4 and 6 pm
  • Speeds they saw ranged from 28 to 39 mph but they will continue to monitor Camp Greene St. to make sure those observations were accurate
  • Metro division now has a couple of radar certified officers
  • Officer Prather now has a new partner, Officer Mohammad (who couldn't make the meeting)
  • Airport Inn is no longer a halfway house, a new sports bar has applied for a liquor license there. 
  • Officer Prather will contact CDOT regarding the obscured stop sign at Berryhill Rd
  • CMPD has no suspects in the shooting that occured in front of Graybar on March 10th.

Tommy Harris:

  • The city  is seeking nominations for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Community Relations Award.
  • The group voted unanimously to nominate Officer Prather.
  • There is still no word regarding the neighborhood group's stream adoption
  • There has also been no news regarding the beautification grant we applied for to update landscaping at the banner poles
  • Our next cleanups are May 13th and June 24th, 9am - 12-pm

Terry Bryant: 

  • Smallwood and Biddleville have joined the inside out program and will receive replica art pieces for display in their neighborhoods from the Bechtler and Gantt museums ( Terry wanted to gauge the group's interest in joining the program
  • Group voted gave authorization to proceed on our behalf

Thomasina Massey:

  • Habitat for Humanity is providing Little Free Libraries to applicants and one would be nice to have in Camp Greene
  • Sharelle Blake agreed to follow up with Habitat

Katie Lloyd:

  • Katie and Todd are moving out of the neighborhood
  • Volunteers were sought to take over Katie's responsibilities with the neighborhood association social media accounts. Logan Bennett volunteered to take over and Sue Colucci will be our backup. 
  • There is still no word on the grants that Katie has applied for, including the Knight Cities Challenge

Curtis Lawing: 

  • Suggested the association volunteer to paint Christ Presbyterian's  storage building as a thank you for all they do for the neighborhood. 
  • Carol Wood will ask the church's maintenance committee about it

02/21/17 meeting

Cynthia Harrison, Vice President CGNA,  gave update on Centennial Event:


  • The Committee is partnering with the Mecklenburg County Historical Association 
  • This will allow us to raise funds under the umbrella of their 501c3 (nonprofit status)
  • There will be a Gala Saturday Night as part of the festivities
  • The Gala will likely be held at Goodwill's new facility on Wilkinson Blvd
  • We have several organizations partnering with us s/a Mecca Properties, Parks and Rec, Ranger Construction and The Freedom Foundation
  • Ed Dement of the O'Kaysions will be our DJ 

Tommy Harris, President CGNA & Eddie Johnson, Secretary CGNA:

  • Parks and Rec has scheduled clean up days at the Dowd House and is requesting communitty support to ready the property for the Centennial on the following dates:
    • Saturday, May 13th  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    • Saturday, June 24th  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    • Wednesday, June 28th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • May 13th coincides with the city-wide cleanup event
  • Camp Greene volunteers will piggyback on the May 13th event and branch out from the Dowd House and clean up high visibility areas in the neighborhood as well

Officer Carolynn Prather gave an update from CMPD:

  • There were two break ins recently in the 2400 block of Greenland Ave. There are currently no suspects. 
  • One house on Marlowe was shot into
  • There were no reports of violent crime @ Wal-Mart (it had been previously asked about)
  • Wal-Mart is now employing off duty CMPD officers for security
  • Hwy Patrol's motorcycle unit and our regular CMPD patrol have been monitoring Camp Greene St. for speeders and stop sign violations. 
  • The radar trailer was considered but can not be deployed along Camp Greene St. safely due to the lack of shoulder space along the road between Royston and Marlowe. 
  • Panhandlers are becoming more prevalent. CMPD generally doesn't arrest them unless they are aggressive but they will come out if called. The best advice is DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. 
  • Neighbor reported suspicious activity on Highland and was asked to email the address and info. Officer Prather encouraged the group to email her if they see suspicious activity (that doesn't warrant calling 911).

Lawana Mayfield, City Council - District 3 (& Camp Greene resident):

  • Mentioned new development projects in District 3: Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield Mariot @ City Park, Apartment and Townhouse project behind County bldg, etc. 
  • Car dealership that opened in old Citgo @ Berryhill & Freedom seems to be curbing drug traffic at Sam's Auto Rentals 
  • Follow up meetings for the City's Targeted Rehab Program are starting
  • The program will fund up to $42,000 worth of work per project
  • The program covers electrical repairs
  • For renters, the qualification is based upon the renter's income but the homeowner must sign a commitment to keep the home affordable.
  • Ashley Apartments still have some layout issues being resolved with Planning & City Council. 
  • Resident asked about being referred by animal control to rent an animal trap from a particular business. Lawana advised that when you speak to someone at the City and get info you think is incorrect, get their name and as much info as you can. It helps if she needs get involved. 
  • When you call 311, record the reference #. If issues aren't resolved, contact Lawana (with ref. #'s)
  • City of Charlotte is not involved in redevelopment of Brookhill Apts site

Beth Morrison, Board President of Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte:

  • Group a nonprofit that has been active in Charlotte since 2010
  • Focusing on Camp Greene for the next two years
  • They offer critical home repairs at no cost for qualifying owner-occupied properties 
  • Income restriction is 80% of area median income
  • They are funded by private corporate sponsors
  • They currently have pass thru funding from the City of Charlotte for roofing repairs
  • They partner with City programs s/a the targeted rehab program to do more (if you qualify, you can use both)
  • There is funding for two projects scheduled for April but they have no candidate properties identified yet
  • If you'd like to apply, fill out an online application at 

Elizabeth Lamy, City of Charlotte:

  • Regarding Targeted Rehab Survey responses: "Lincoln Heights is smoking y'all"
  • Her assistant, Amanda is scheduling meetings with applicants
  • Elizabeth is meeting with the homeowners and inspecting the properties
  • They will NOT open code enforcement cases as a result of these inspections. They are strictly to see what repairs they can fund or refer to other groups such as Rebuilding Together. 
  • You can still apply to the program
  • The income limit is up to 100% of median income
  • Approximate time frame for inspection, testing and write up is two months

01/17/17 meeting

  • Tommy had other obligations so Cynthia conducted the meeting
  • Patsy Locke was introduced to the group as the new treasurer
    • No decision has been made on new bank
    • Several banks and credit unions were discussed as possibilities for Patsy to investigate 
  • Cynthia had everyone present introduce themselves 
  • Katie informed the group about the knight Cities Challenge, in which she is a finalist
    • project will install picnic tables  that the community can/will  decorate
    • includes one or two events to kick off the project s/a a cookout or picnic
    • more info at
  • Katie also gave the group more information on Rebuilding Together
    • rehab program for owner occupied homes
    • they can coordinate efforts with the City rehab program
    • income qualification is 80% of median income (roughly $37k per year for single income)
  • Officer Carolynn Prather gave CMPD update
    • Bryant Park seeing more break ins at homes under construction and thefts from vehicles
    • CMPD is encouraging citizens to use the NextDoor website/app and is using that platform to get relevant crime and safety info to communities
    • The Camp Greene Neighborhood is on Next Door as Marsh Estates
    • When told of the increasing problem with speeders on Camp Greene St., Officer Prather said she'd try to coordinate getting the motorcycle detail to schedule a day on Camp Greene
    • Further discussion included requests for more frequent patrols (b/c running radar once won't change drivers' behavior), questions about getting the radar trailer here, questions about why CMPD no longer sets up checkpoints  and questions about whose responsibility it is to enforce the no truck traffic signs on Camp Greene St. 
    • The group was  told that our CMPD division only has one officer certified to run radar and due to court rulings, officers can not set up a license check on the fly any longer (as they formerly did on slow days). 
    • CMPD is responsible for citing trucks that travel illegally through the neighborhood but they must see the offense. It was pointed out that if they spent more time in the neighborhood, they'd see them. 
    • The shooting at Walmart and the shooting at Camp Greene St and Freedom Dr. Saturday were not considered random violence. No arrested for either shooting.
    • The drug team is focusing on the Columbus Circle area
  • Terry Bryant introduced himself
    • New resident in Brant Park
    • he is trying to organize precinct 23 fot the Democrats and is invites anyone interested to participate
  • Camp Greene Centennial Celebration update
    • Cynthia to meet with Ed Hardison and MECA Properties Friday
    • Brian Fincher mentioned that the Sunset Div. in Washington State sent a band to play at our last event. Relevant info and contacts are in the previously mentioned binder.
    • Parks and Rec is working to have the Dowd House in good repair for the event and opened to the public
    • Parks and Rec anticipates community help with cleaning up the grounds closer to the event
    • It was also suggested we schedule our neighborhood cleanups to coincide with the event
    • Eddie has contacted a reenactment group that is very excited to potentially do a living history exhibit as well lend artifacts and other exhibits to the celebration
    • The Centennial Committee is still seeking volunteers 
    • The next meeting is Feb. 10th at 2229 Weyland Ave.
  • Marika Christie 
    • Author of the Wilkinson Blvd (digital) Newsletter
    • Highlighted most recent edition and asked for feedback
    • Contact Marika ( if you'd like to get on the distribution list for the newsletter
  • Alexandria Bell 
    • Lawana Mayfield's intern
    • Targeted Rehab program has had less than 50 surveys returned
    • The next phase of the program should start in early spring
    • If you are having trouble with online survey, contact Lawana's office to get a printed copy
    • Lawana will look into calls not being returned from program director
  • Other items discussed:
    • Malcolm Garland created a draft copy of by laws. Katie will post them online for everyone to review
    • Brian Fincher pointed out that bylaws already exist and are documented in the binder that was given to Joshua when he took over as president 
    • Brian updated the group on the current bank account and gave the account info and cards to the new Treasurer (Patsy)
    • No word yet on the Keep Charlotte Beautiful grant we applied for to help landscape the banner poles
    • The City's Leadership Program is accepting applications. The 8 week program is free and open to all. 
    • Deadlines are approaching to apply to use our $1500 matching grant credit we received for participating in last year's Board retreat.  The grant expires in June. Deadlines for applications are March 1 and June 1.
    • Malcolm took issue with the groups holiday gathering and the vote for Treasurer being held as previously announced. 


12/20/16 meeting

  • Tommy called brief meeting to order 
  • Tommy summarized meeting with Rebuilding Together (a nonprofit) 
  • they are teaming with the City to target rehab projects in our area in 2017
  • their org. only assists homeowners 
  • can work in conjunction with the City's rehab program to cover repairs not covered by the City
  • Representatives will come to a future mtg to detail their program
  • Cynthia gave update on Camp Greene Centennial 
  • next meeting 6:30 pm 01/10/17 @ 2239 Weyland Ave
  • Event will be two days, July 15-16 2017
  • Subcomittees have been formed to begin planning tasks
  • Still seeking Volunteers - Contact Cynthia Harrison if interested in participating
  • Introduced Mr. Broome who updated us on some of the people and groups he has contacted regarding the Centennial Celebration
  • Vote for Treasurer position was held
    • Candidates were Patsy Locke and Malcom Garland
    • Patsy received 23 votes, Malcom received 0

11/15/16 meeting

Carol Wood, Christ Presbyterian Church

  • Christ Presbyterian Church is hosting a Thanksgiving Day breakfast for first responders. Everyone is invited to volunteer or just drop by and thank the first responders in person
  • Breakfast for the congregation and anyone who'd like to join them is at 8:00 am
  • Church Service is at 9:00

Cynthia Harrison, Vice President CGNA

  • Accepted the Good Neighbor Award on behalf of the neighborhood at the City Council meeting 11/14/16.
  • discussed the need to identify a location for the Good Neighbors sign that is part of the award
  • After some discussion and a vote, Remount Rd between Wilkinson Blvd and Greenland Ave. was chosen as the location for the sign
  • Work is continues on the Centennial Celebration for Camp Greene
  • The new date for the event is 07/15/2017
  • Volunteers sought for planning and execution of event
  • introduced Neil Broome and Ed Hardison  (of Charlotte Pipe and Foundry) who each expressed their interest in both the Centennial and the preservation of the Dowd House

Tommy Harris, President CGNA 

  • First tree banding session will be Saturday 12/03/16
  • Contact Tommy or Katie if you'd like to help or have a tree that needs banding
  • We are still working on acquiring  501c3  (nonprofit) designation
  • We have donors willing to cover the cost of the 501c3 application
  • The process is delayed due to the fact we do not have a treasurer and do not have access to our existing bank account
  • The possibility of voting immediately on a new Treasurer was raised but was tabled until the December meeting since that was the previously agreed upon schedule
  • Current nominees for Treasurer are Patsy Locke, Anthony Johnson and Malcolm Garland
  • Stream Cleanup is in limbo until City of Charlotte gets our paperwork in order
  • Camp Greene St (unofficial)  cleanup scheduled for Saturday (11/19/16)
  • December meeting will be apotluck, a pseudo holiday party. Participation in the potluck is voluntary. Everyone, as always, is welcome.

Roberto, Neighbor from Garibaldi Avenue

  • Is having erosion issues due to ditch at the rear of his property
  • Was advised to contact the City via 311 for help with the issue

Alexandria Bell, Intern for Councilwoman Mayfield

  • Urged neighbors to complete housing survey if they have not already done so

Bennett Simonsen, Humane Society of Charlotte

  • Bennett is a Camp Greene resident
  • The current shelter is outdated 
  • They are looking to build a new shelter near Remount and Wilkinson 
  • The new shelter will have all kennels indoors and offer programs , services and walking trails to the community
  • The humane society can help with low cost vaccines, spaying and neutering and works with Unchain Dogs

10/18/16 Meeting

Kristen Davis/Code Enforcement

  • Congratulated Group on our Good Neighbor Award
  • For fiscal year 71/15-6/31/16, 86% increase in code enforcement complaints, 10% decrease in violations in Camp Greene Area
  • Code enforcement is hiring 2 new inspectors (including the empty position in our area)
  • Continue to call 311 or use the city's app to report violations. 
  • City is currently rewriting the code and fine amounts
  • Grass at 2400 Wilkinson BV will be cut soon. 
  • They are still fining for signs (we buy X type) closer than 11 feet from the edge of roadway. Please continue to call and report them
  • Political signs are all allowed within 3 feet of the public right-of-way and must be removed within 7 days of the election.
  • Code enforcement will do a fall sweep after the election to remove political signs

Lawana Mayfield, District 3 City Council 

  • introduced her new intern, Alexandria Bell
  • Application deadline for Safe Home/Lead safe program for senior citizens and those making 30% or less of median income ($34,00 for a family of 2) is November 23
  • Reminded group of new Targeted Rehabilitation Program in our neighborhood. The first step is to complete the survey, available online buy phone or mail. Contact Neighborhood & Business Services or contact Elizabeth Lamy directly
  • The Actor's Theatre opening date on Freedom Dr. is 10/22/16.
  • The City is investigating options to retain affordable housing at the Brookhill apartments site.
  • City Council has pledged to open 5000 units of afffordable housing units in 3 years
  • Early voting starts 10/20/2016
  • Rezoning meeting to discuss 174+\- unit apartment complex on Ashley Rd is @ Westover Precint on Tuesday 10/25/16

Carolyn Prather, CMPD gave safety update

  • No break-ins  to report in the neighborhood since last month (1 resident mentioned theft from their vehicle during officer Prather's report)
  • Continue to be vigilant about removing valuables from cars to discourage thefts

Tommy Harris, President Camp Greene NA

  • Proposed we use monthly meetings to set agendas & goals and assign groups to meet separately to work on details and report back
  • Treasurer position to be filled by vote at December meeting
  • Charlotte Hornets have adopted Camp Greene Park and will be improving it
  • Cleanup for our adopted stretch of stream (parallel to Freedom from Camp Green to Berryhill) will be 11/05 (Saturday)
  • Suggested a group meet up soon to clean wooded area adjacent to Spaugh ourselves since City and County are not being responsive.
  • Focusing on getting 501c3 (nonprofit) status to aid in getting sponsorship from businesses. Annual cost to maintain is $400/yr.
  • We have been awarded a $1300 grant for tree banding. 2 volunteer events will be organized to do the banding once we have the materials. 

Marika Christie, Caldwell Banker Commercial

  • Works on Wilkinson and has a great interest in the area. She has started a Wilkinson Blvd Newsletter. 
  • Contact her if you would like to join the email list to receive the newsletter

Eddie Johnson, Secretary CGNA reported on recent Camp Greene Centennial Planning mtg

  • Eddie and Cynthia Harrison attended a meeting at the Historic Landmarks Commission regarding the Camp Greene Centennial Celebration on 10/07/16. 
  • Others in attendance were:
    • Dan Morrill, Director HLC
    • Heather Perry, UNCC History Dept.
    • Aaron Shapiro, UNCC History Dept.
    • Jim Johnson, AIA
    • Sheila Bumgarner, Carolina Room at Charmeck Public Library
    • Jack Dillard, Director of Camp Greene Documentary
    • Edward Hardison, Board of Directors Charlotte Pipe & Foundry & Pres. Dowd Foundation 
    • Mike Campbell, Mecklenburg County Parks & Rec.
    • Neal Broome, meeting organizer
  • Not much was discussed about the centennial event. The topic quickly became the use and future of the Dowd House
  • Parks and Rec committed to having the Dowd House ready for the public by the event date (07/17/2017).
  • Parks & Rec welcomes volunteer help but will hire an environmental company to clean the house.
  • Parks and Rec has 4.1 million in the County's budget for deferred maintenance at Parks & Rec properties and they anticipate spending $25,000 on the Dowd House
  • Sheila Bumgarner is working on a project to document who the 300 influenza victims @ Camp Greene were and possibly include the list in the Centennial Celebration while continuing to work on a more permanent monument or exhibit.
  • She also mentioned that the library has items relevant to Camp Greene that can be lent to the centennial event
  • Heather Perry had suggestions on loan programs s/a research scholar grants or NEH Dialogues on the Experience of War program to fund intern/grad student research projects related to Camp Greene
  • She also suggested approaching challenged corporations in need of good PR such as Wells Fargo and Duke Energy for funding.
  • Another suggestion was approaching VFW groups about adopting the Dowd House as a project
  • Dan Morrill advised the participants that if a sustainable use or program is not developed for the Dowd House within the next 2 years, his recommendation to the County will be to place protective covenants on the deed and sell it. 
  • Cynthia attempted to redirect the conversation back to planning the Centennial celebration and expressed her interest to be involved in planning the event

9/20/16 Meeting

Aretha Blake, candidate for District Court Judge was present and introduced herself to the group

Phillip Freeman and Cherie Grant addressed the group and explained details of the City matching grants program

  • Deadlines to submit applications are March 1, June 1, and September 1
  • At least 50% of the community's match must come from volunteer hours
  • Camp Greene NHA is tier 1, eligible for a matching grant up to $25,0000
  • Festivals can only be funded by matching grants for two years
  • Other projects are only eligible for 1 year
  • The grants are meant to fund sustainable projects (projects that will eventually not need the grant funding)
  • Our group has applied for matching grant funds for tree banding this year
  • Approval is required before work starts on grant projects
  • Payments are made to the group to reimburse expenditures (City will not pay the bills for us) 
  • for questions or additional info or contact Cherie at or Phillip at

Elizabeth Lamy also spoke

  • Elizabeth was our former Code Enforcement Officer
  • Her replacement in that role has quit already and the position is vacant
  • Continue to report Code Enforcement Issues to 311 and they will be dealt with
  • She is now Program Coordinator for the City's Targeted Rehabilitation Program
  • Camp Greene and Lincoln Heights are the test communities
  • Funding comes from the City Housing Trust Fund
  • Funds are available to rehab 60-80 homes
  • Homeowners earning up to 80% of area's median income are eligible for 100% deferred improvement loans up to $42,000
  • Homeowners earning 80%-100% of median income can have $1500/year forgiven for 28 years or $3800/yr if they invest in the renovation as well
  • Landlords/investors are eligible for up to $25,000
  • Distributed surveys to gauge interest in the program
  • Survey is available online @ and then select Targeted Rehabilitation Survey button
  • Survey is also available by phone. Call 704-336-3333 and leave a message with your name and phone number. A staff member will call you back.
  • Information is also available in Spanish
  • Spread the word

Carolyn gave public safety update

  • no big news
  • House on Greenland Ave (middle of block, opposite from the Dowd property) that has all the cars traffic was investigated by code enforcement and determined not to be a boarding house. No word on what is really going on there. The case is considered closed by Code Enforcement but neighbors should continue to report suspicious activity.

Cynthia introduced Stephanie Edwards

  • Stephanie lives on Morton Street
  • She has grand children attending Ashley Park School
  • The school has not had an active PTSA group in 10 years
  • Stephanie stepped up and got it going again
  • Looking for tutors and mentors for the students
  • exploring ways we as a neighborhood can contribute

Sue Colucci gave update on City Neighborhood Awards

  • She submitted the CGNA for the Good Neighbors Award
  • She highlighted our Adopt-a-Street & Stream efforts, community involvement of neighbors and new social media accounts and website
  • Awards will be announced at 10/1/16 banquet
  • Cynthia and Joshua are planning to attend

Other business

  • Tommy Harris was elected president of the group (16 for/1 against)
  • Nominations for office of Treasurer were taken
  • Patsy Locke, Malcolm and Anthony Johnson all expressed interest in being treasurer
  • Richard expressed interest in organizing a haunted trail/house as a fundraiser for the group (2017)
  • Dowd house/property was suggested as venue if permission can be obtained from Parks & Rec

8/16/16 Meeting

  • Meeting minutes are now available on
  • Financial update
    • $96 in our checking account        
    • Account costs $15/month to maintain
    • The account isn’t setup as we were previously told, changes coming …
  • Neil presented info on Camp Greene Centennial Celebration
    • Celebration will be July 2017
    • Seeking volunteers for steering committee
    • Signup sheet for volunteers was passed around
  • Cynthia gave update on Fall Festival
    • Gloria is donating hairnets and gloves for food area
    • Volunteers are needed for the food area & also floating volunteers to assist wherever needed on day of event
    • Volunteer signup sheets were made available at the meeting and are also available on the website
    • Yard sale participants are not chargedbut a donation to CGNA is suggested
    • Participants must preregister and also provide their own tables
    • Queen City Joy Ride is sponsoring a bike ride and will provide bikes, etc.
    • Children’s area will include a bounce house
    • Businesses that have been contacted:
      • Mecca - confirmed sponsor
      • Blue Blaze Brewing
      • Silver Wolf
      • Harvest Center
      • Rhino Deli - confirmed sponsor
      • Premier Smiles
      • Harrison Family
      • Graybar donating use of parking lot, possibly additional donation
      • 5/3 and Wells Fargo Banks
    • More sponsors are sought. People are encouraged to reach out to businesses or make suggestions of sponsors to festival committee members
    • Event is 9 am to 4 pm 9/17/16, rain or shine.  Volunteers need to arrive @ 7 am.
    • Food and activities are free
    • Monitor facebook page for updates
  • Tommy updated group on Cleanup Efforts
    • The Adopt-A-Street Cleanup will be 9-11 am 09/10/16 and will include some cleanup around the Dowd House in preparation for the Festival
    • Volunteers will meet @ 2318 Arty Ave @ 9:00 am
    • Warehouse 242 cannot participate in their previously scheduled cleanup along Berryhill  this Saturday. Tommy will lead the Cleanup without them.
    • Volunteers for this Saturday’s (08/20/16) clean up will meet at 2318 Arty Ave at 9:00 am
    • Supplies (gloves, grabbers, bags) are provided for the cleanups
    • Christ Presbyterian is seeking volunteers to help move/install mulch starting  @ 10:00 am Saturday 10/20/16.
  • Lawana Mayfield addressed the group
    •  She is still working with code enforcement to clean up overgrown areas in the neighborhood
    • Plans to clear overgrowth on Columbus Circle, esp. around lights are proceeding
    • The homeless housing project at the Park-N-Shop site is unoffially dead
    • She has been working with Neighborhood & Business Services for the past 1.5-2 years on a new program that will be unveiled in our neighborhood at the Fall Festival
  • Katie presented info on tree banding
    • She attended the class on the tree banding program
    • Funding is available to band trees on private property
    • Volunteers sought(deadline to sign up is Sept. )
    • Signup sheet was made available at the meeting or volunteer by contacting Katie
    • Circulated comment cards to group to rank/suggest potential projects
  • Malcolm shared information on City of Charlotte Matching Grants
    • Malcolm attended a class at the City to learn more about the grants
    • We are eligible for up to $25,000 in matching grants per project
    • We are eligible to submit multiple projects
    • He was told that a something centered around the Dowd House would be a great project and an excellent way to use the grant funds to improve the property
    • In-kind donations of time by volunteers is $23.07 per volunteer per hour
    • Malcom suggested we bring in/hire a consultant to help secure grants
  • Josh will schedule a speaker from the City to come address the group about the grant program at a future meeting.
  • Michael with Parks and Rec introduced himself and spoke briefly about Parks and Rec and the Dowd House.

7/19/16 Meeting 

  • Attendees asked to use new sign in sheets
  • Sign in sheets to support matching grants and meeting agenda courtesy of Malcolm
  • Lawana Mayfield's intern attended in her place
  • Stop signs were approved & should be installed within the next 40 days
  • Discussed transparency in  organization
    • Group officers/positions are:
      • Joshua Prescott, President
      • Cynthia Harrison, Vice President/Chair or Fall Festival Committee
      • Tommy Harris, Neighborhood cleanup Committee
      • Brian Fincher is still our Treasurer and will start providing financial reports to the group
      • Katie Lloyd - Technology guru/ social media accounts
      • Malcolm will take on overseeing grant applications (needs 2 additional volunteers?)
      • Eddie Johnson, Secretary - meeting minutes, mtg reminder emails, mtg banners
  • Katie will add meeting minutes and  officers/committee chair contact  info to website
  • Neighborhood President
    • Joshua will be stepping down as president effective 10/16
    • Cynthia not interested in assuming role, volunteers sought
    • Tommy Harris is interested in taking over role of President
    • Group decided to vote at later date
  • Community Clean Up
    • Tommy announced a new Cleanup around the Dowd House the Saturday prior to the Fall Festival, 09/10/16.
    • We have adopted Monument St., Arty Ave, and Greenland Ave and Stewart Creek from Camp Greene St. to Morehead St.
    • Some residents had concerns that Columbus Circle area is being left out. They were invited to lead the effort to include that area. 
    • Logan will lead an effort to organize a clean up along Columbus Circle with Help from Ola
    • Tommy will look into the possibility of adopting Columbus Circle and Marlowe Ave as well, but we must adopt a min. 1 mile of roadway
    • Our first Stewart Creek Cleanup will occur sometime after festival
  • Organization of meeting was criticized. Robert's Rules of Order suggested 
  • Group voted to officially oppose Urban Ministry's Shelter project
  • Festival update from Cynthia:
    • 09/17  @ the Dowd House - save the date!
    • Festivities will include kids programs, bike rides/tours, vendors, + more to come
    • Group is seeking festival sponsors from local businesses. Camp Greene website now has a "Donate" function
    • The festival is definate (with or without additional donations)
    • Katie will lead a design charrette  @ the festival to brainstorm uses for the Dowd House (to be presented to Meck BOCC at a later date)
  • Crime & Public Safety update (Carolynn Pierce):
    • one of residents we were told had warrants last month has since been arrested in SC on murder charges.
    • CALL 911!!!!! When in doubt, call and report it
    • Armed Robbery on Millerton (outside Morehead West Apts). One arrest made
    • House "shot up" on Morton St.
    • One person arrested in shooting at Reba's. Two suspects still believed to be at large
    • Boarding House on Remount fined and shut down due to illegal activity. Owner required to convert to single family dwelling. 
    • Metro should be back to full staff by Sept although it is a training area so officers don't stay long 
    • Reiterated that Metro is smallest and busiest response area (11 square miles) 
    • Will give her contact info to Katie to put on website
      • Carolynn Prather, CMPD-Metro Division
      • 704-336-8300
  • Roger & Pam Walters from Westerly Hills Assoc. addressed the group:
    • Dale Mullenix will attend their 09/26 meeting
    • Camp Greene neighbors are invited to attend 
    • Meeting is Tuesday, 09/26 7:00 PM @ CMPD Freedom Division West Service Center on Wilkinson Blvd
    • They were given a  tour of Moore Place by Urban Ministries
    • Proposed shelter will be 120 beds for chronically homeless people
    • Facility will follow "Housing First" model; no requirements for employment or  treatment of addiction or mental health issues 

6/21/16  Meeting

  • Meeting was opened with quick agenda overview outlining discussion of stop signs and recent shootings. Discussion of proposed shelter was not on agenda. 
  • Opposition caused halt to stop sign process
  • Open (heated) discussion of stop sign issues; Speakers given 2 minutes each
  • John from Columbus Circle asked several times for detail about enforcement of current speed limits and future stop signs. No answer was given.
  • A new vote was taken concerning stop signs with (27 in favor of them, 6 against and 2 abstaining)
  • Josh announced that the board has decided that terms for group officers will be 2 years. No mention of when this was discussed or what board members were present. 
  • Shelter issue was addressed. 
  • Majority of speakers were opposed. No official stance was taken
  • Use of group accounts by members to voice personal opinions was addressed
  • Concerns with shelter location included: concentration of such services in our area, influence on crime rates, influence on development and property values, misinformation that has been put out about neighbor support, the neighborhood's past and current issues with crime. 
  • Fall Festival update:
    • No new info
    • 9/17 @ the Dowd House
    • activities will include kids events and a yard sale
  • Councilwoman Mayfield addressed group:
    • addressed/encouraged neighbor participation. Reminded us that attending meetings counts towards matching grants ($22.50 per hour per attendee)
    • Addressed questions about speedhump installation and why CDOT won't approve them for Camp Greene St. 
    • roundabout coming to Berryhill & Tuckaseegee (5 pts) intersection
    • aware of "Trap House" on Columbus Circle
    • working with CMPD & Code enforcement to address that and other issues
    • City to begin clearing overgrowth and trash in area between Columbus Circle & Berryhill
    • Email Lawana with details of any additional areas that need  cleaning/clearing
    • She is opposed to the proposed shelter location at the old Park-N-Shop. The rest of the City Council is supportive.
    • Council was told the surrounding neighborhoods support the shelter
    • Email the entire council (not just her) to share your concerns or support
    • No rezoning is required for a shelter at this location. Urban Ministries needs financial support from City Council so they have a say in the location and our neighborhood has a chance to have influence that say. 
    • New farmer's market opening @ Rosa Parks ctr
    • Working on a project to assist homeowners with trees in need of trimming
    • In response to comment about incorporating a job fair into fall festival mentioned that she has organized them in our neighborhood in the past and had no one show up. She does have info on local companies that are hiring and will post them to her Facebook page
    • Median annual income in our neighborhood is $16,000
    • In response to inquiry from Travis Morgan: the neighborhood can draft a letter of resolution in support or opposition of shelter and send it to council
  • CMPD update (Officer Carolynn Pierce)
    • 2 armed robberies in last month
    • Officers have been posted on Columbus Circle in anticipation of retaliation
    • latest shooting occured shortly after officers left to respond to a call
    • shootings all stem from the same house on Columbus Circle that has been discussed before
    • CMPD is shortstaffed. No backup was available to officers Saturday evening.
    • Metro is smallest division & has the most calls
    • They have warrants for two individuals from that property
    • Register bicycles to make recovery easier in event of theft. Email your bike VIN to
    • Mopeds are now required to be registered in NC
    • Suggested we make use of City matching grants to make improvements that will boost safety such as streetlights in dark areas. 

5/17/16 Meeting

  • Joshua absent; meeting conducted by Cynthia
  • Cynthia introduced herself and had everyone present do the same
  • Shannon Farrell/Logan Bennet, both new residents in Bryant park introduced themselves, & are eager to get involved
  • Store @ 2210 W. Morehead is officially closed
  • Stop sign has been approved but is delayed
  • Swingset @ Dowd House has been requested
  • Former Urban Restoration Bldg on Remount has been bought by Belmont Community Partnership
  • Greg & Eli spoke against stop sign @ Marlowe & Camp Greene 

4/19/16 Meeting

  • City to demo  old firehouse on Remount Rd & add to Greenspace
  • Stop sign procedure started to (@ locations previously discussed)
  • Sept. 17, 2016 tenative date for Fall Festival
    • Yard sale may be included in festival if there is interest
    • Eddie to find out info on $2500 city grant for festival
    • Bryant Park suggested as alternate location
    • Cynthia reached out to Vilma Leakes Re: Dowd House preservation and got no reply
    • See Cynthia for volunteer opportunities for Fall Festival
    • Katie Lloyd spoke with Rhino Deli owners – they’re interested to be involved in neighborhood
  • Group voted to proceed with adopting a street/stream
  • Report on items discussed @ board retreat
  • Public Safety Report by Carolyn Pierce:
    • Shootings at 2400/2402 Marlowe Ave
    • Suspects have been arrested placed under $350,000 bond
    • CMPD having trouble contacting absentee landlord
    • Boarding House permite issued for 2406 Remount – old tenants and mgr evicted
    • Crack down on speeders along Camp Greene St planned
    • Panhandling is on the rise – report to 911
  • There was a heated discussion of friendly approach to problems in neighborhood versus calling authorities as a first approach
  • As the meeting was ending, Joshua brought up that Urban ministries is hoping to build Homeless facility on the old Park N Shop property on Wilkinson. He and Amelia have already been discussing the project with Urban Ministries Director Dale Mullenix. Group agreed to at least hear  out Mr mullenix and  instructed Joshua to schedule him to come address the group.

3/15/16 Meeting

  • Art festival has been postponed. New date TBD
  • Tommy Harris presented results from the Spring Clean-up. It was  a big success with 38 bags of trash collected, 10 bags of recyclables, misc. bulky items
  • The group decided to schedule more clean-up efforts per year & continue to discussion of adopting a neighborhood street
  • Possibility of a community Yard Sale was discussed – potentially as part of festival
  • Possibility of Organizing a voter drive was brought up as potential outreach tool
  • Volunteers were sought to attend City Neighborhood Board Retreat
  • City is considering sale of Historic Dowd House
  • Group was made aware that CGNA does not currently have access to Dowd House due to measures taken by Parks and Rec after the property was Vandalised 
  • Public Safety update presented by Carolynn Pierce  with CMPD
    • CMPD is cracking down on keys being left in vehicles
    • CMPD spending more time on Columbus Circle following latest murder (both victim and suspect live in neighborhood but shooting happened elsewhere)
    • Property crimes are higher around the new construction in Bryant Park